social responsibility

Jointly, the Thendela anglers, fly fishing enthusiasts, government and private sectors have roles to play in the success of this project.


Supported by the Roam Free Conservation Initiative, the Project has taught the principles of ‘catch and release’ – that if fish are taken out the river system, there will be none left in the future to enjoy for recreational pastime.


“WildFly is supporting the Thendela project by assisting the guides in developing a fishery management program that focuses on the preservation of the Mooi River catchment. Being one of the key source waters that feeds the Natal Midlands and through Spring Grove dam the greater Durban area, it is essential that the quality of this water is maintained. With Trout being such a key indicator species for pollutant free rivers, the conservation of this species in conjunction with a community program that promotes tourism and creates sustainable employment makes it major focus for the Roam Free conservation initiative.”

Gareth George – Wildfly CEO


The community have also realized the importance of a clean river... (expand to continue)

The community have also realized the importance of a clean river and are active in river clean-up operations to reduce the pollution into the river. There are opportunities to further the benefits of this by recycling the waste collected into children’s toys. We are seeking a sponsor to fund workshops presented by the organization SINGAKWENZA to unemployed woman of the community. . These workshops will have a positive dual benefit for both economic and environmental development.


A cleaner water system will also be attainable through governments’ support in providing the area with basic piped water, sanitation and drainage.


For the volunteers from the KZNFFA, it has been encouraging to see youth from the community appreciating fly fishing as a recreational pastime.


“Our hope is that this project will be sustainable for Thendela, that it will give the community opportunities economically, socially and environmentally. Our volunteers have taught fishing, fly tying and conservation. We hope visiting fly fishers will enjoy the area and engage with the community”

Linda Gorlei – Project Co Ordinator KZNFFA


Many challenges still face the project but with continued help, support and funding the project will go from strength to strength.